Ella Griffee Studio.jpeg

I design and make clothes to be worn and weathered, to get sun-bleached and salty. Made to be passed down by loved ones, to those searching for a piece of home to carry with them. Referencing those classic styles that stay on the hallway bench for all the family to throw on for a dog walk, and garments I’ve ‘acquired’ from my Dad, I design each style with longevity in mind.

Using natural materials which breathe and move with our bodies, I design carefully considered styles that provide a cocoon of familiarity and comfort.  The raw, romantic landscape of Cornwall and its people continue to inspire me. I live and work in Falmouth, and support local businesses with mine. With the help of a sustainable product designer, my buttons are 3D printed from recycled materials, either Cornish fishing nets or drinking container plastic.

I aim to act as an alternative to fast fashion, and offer positive impact clothing with a small and transparent cycle. You can be confident your garments are hand made by me with love and attention to detail. The nature of my process allows me to offer an inclusive, bespoke service, making adjustments and alterations for all bodies.

I’d love to create the perfect piece for you, which you’ll wear to live, before you hand it down for new experiences.


Ella x